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Written by Neil Meninick 18/06/2020

We are now well into our third month of lockdown and, as life in the new normal starts to settle into new routines, as Benefit and Rewards Managers you need to understand what and how these changes have impacted the day-to-day lives of your colleagues and employees.

One of the most fundamental changes that everyone across the country has experienced is the heightened emphasis on the home.

The home has always been the metaphorical (and in some cases, literal) castle, but it has also now become the office, the schools, the restaurants, the cinema, gym and the pub. And, going forward, it appears that increased home-working will be one of the lasting legacies of the lockdown.

So, an issue in the home will no longer be a problem solely for the member of staff and a slight inconvenience for your company (as the employee takes time out to deal with it), it will become both business critical and a matter of employee mental wellbeing.

As Benefit & Reward Managers, what can you do to help your colleagues protect their most valuable asset? 

Whilst you can’t physically be in each and every home with a monkey-wrench and mop in hand, here at Sutton Winson we believe that you can, at least, offer your employees high-quality home insurance that will respond quickly in an emergency and not hide behind the small print. 

We know that the benefits you offer reflect the values of your company, which is why we have created HomeFlex, the industry’s first and only home insurance solution created specifically for the flex benefit market. With an in-house claims team, we will make sure that the castle remains open for business, students, diners, popcorn-munchers and that swift half.

To find out more or request a demo, contact Neil Meninick.

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