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We are pleased to offer individual Private Medical Insurance (PMI) advice following our purchase of Flexible Health Insurance Brokers earlier this year.

What is PMI?

In the UK, PMI works alongside the NHS and is designed to cover acute medical conditions, i.e. something that can be treated to make you better, not the ongoing management of chronic problems. Pre-existing medical conditions aren’t usually covered, although certain policies may offer the option for future cover for previous problems in certain circumstances. 

We’re fortunate to have the NHS in this country but during these challenging times it’s clear that access to routine, non-emergency operations may be restricted for the foreseeable future. Having access to private treatment means you and your loved ones have a much wider choice of options and services than you would have with the NHS.

Already have PMI?

If you have existing cover it’s worth taking advantage of our free review service to make sure that your plan continues to be the best option, both in terms of policy cover and price. In particular, it is always worth reviewing a policy periodically. Often, people who have not reviewed their policies or compared alternatives versus their usual provider, are surprised to find there to be savings, without compromising their level of cover.

It’s often possible to switch your plan to a new insurer with more favourable terms and still be covered for previous conditions.

If you have any questions about individual PMI or want advice on your current policy, call the team on Freephone: 0800 849 7744

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