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Why travel insurance is a summer essential

The days are warm; the evenings are long. Summer’s finally here and it’s time for a well-earned holiday. You’ve got the perfect trip in mind and all your essentials are ready - from your swimsuit to your suitcase and your sun cream – but have you thought about travel insurance?

Let us offer a quick insight into why you shouldn’t go wheels-up without having cover in place due to the protection and peace of mind that it can provide to your trip.

Prepare for the unexpected

You’ve probably been poring over travel guides for weeks now in anticipation of your next trip. From sunbathing on the most breathtaking beaches to discovering hidden gems for mouth-watering local cuisine, you might have a jam-packed itinerary for your time away. However meticulously you plan, though, it’s hard to account for those curveballs that life can throw our way.

Check before you travel

It’s really important that you take out a travel insurance policy as soon as you book, otherwise you risk not being covered for situations such as cancellation and the like. It’s also vital to choose a policy that offers you the most appropriate level of protection while you’re away.

Although now not as common as in previous years, when taking out a credit card you may have been offered the option to add travel insurance cover. If so, it’s important to check exactly what’s covered, whether there are any upper limits imposed, and indeed whether your policy is still in place.

Cancelling or cutting short your trip

Curveballs that crop up while you’re away can come in all shapes and sizes, such as illness, an accident, or a family emergency. Although an unwelcome thought, it’s important to be aware of the risks posed by the unexpected. The best way to protect yourself against circumstances like these is with a travel insurance policy, which can cover you in the unlikely event that your trip is cancelled or cut short unexpectedly.

Medical emergencies abroad

Here in the UK, when we need medical attention we’re fortunate enough to have free access to it via the NHS, but this is often not the case if we need a doctor when overseas. Again, it’s not the most pleasant of thoughts but it’s a very real possibility – just think about how easy it is to misstep and twist an ankle, for example. Should something like this happen, travel insurance will be the contingency you can fall back on, covering you for medical treatment, hospitalisation and even a return to the UK if your injury or illness requires it.

Lost or stolen baggage

You’re through passport control and awaiting the familiar, welcoming embrace of warm air that greets you as you depart the terminal, but first you need to collect your checked baggage. What would you do, though, if it never appears on the carousel? Lost luggage is a very real risk we might encounter while travelling, and one that would cause considerable inconvenience and stress.

With a travel insurance policy, you can be covered against the cost of replacing your belongings, if your luggage is stolen, or essential items are delayed. However, it’s important to be mindful of the upper limits in place for any valuables among your belongings when you travel. You’ll want to make sure that anything expensive, such as jewellery, for example, is covered by your home insurance policy, to ensure it’s covered correctly.

Personal liability

It’s also possible that you become involved in an accident or damage someone’s property while travelling. For example, you could knock over an ornament in the hotel lobby, and whilst this might still be a stressful situation, your travel insurance policy could be there to protect you. You would be able to take comfort in knowing that your insurer can have you covered financially should the hotel seek remuneration for the damages incurred.

It's almost time for take-off…

Thanks for joining us for this quick look at travel insurance! We hope that we’ve provided a valuable insight into why it should be a holiday essential for your next trip. Protecting yourself against the unforeseen with a travel insurance policy will provide you the peace of mind needed to relax and enjoy your holiday, knowing you’re in safe hands should the worst occur. We've recently partnered with the award-winning Just Travel Cover. They work with a panel of insurers to allow you to choose your preferred provider, as well as excess and level of cover, putting you firmly in the cockpit! With other benefits including no upper age limit, cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions and real time payout protection for lost luggage1, you can travel with confidence.

To find out more or get a quote, speak to one of their friendly experts by phone on 0800 542 7167.

Wherever you’re travelling this summer, we wish you a wonderful holiday!

1 The real time payout policy of £500 if your luggage is deemed lost. Included on Gold policies and can be added from just £3 to Silver and Bronze. After purchase you must activate your Smart Luggage account and register flights for this policy to be in place.

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