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Driving down accidents for your fleet

If you run a fleet of vehicles – be that cars, vans or a heavy haulage operation – fleet risk management could help you reduce incidents and make significant savings in insurance premiums. 

By analysing operations, vehicles and procedures, Sutton Winson can help identify where issues lie. We’ll work with you to drill into problem areas, overhaul  processes and improve performance to reduce the number of accidents that threaten the health of your employees and keep your vehicles off the road.

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Expert analysis to put you in the driving seat

You have a wealth of data. By analysing it carefully and interviewing staff, customers and suppliers where relevant, we can bring about significant improvements by looking at:

  • How the fleet is used, the age of it, journey profiles etc.
  • Your primary risks such as vehicle security, driver competency etc.
  • Your insurance premiums and uninsured costs, looking to target savings and improve cover

Our work will look closely at aspects like:

  • An analysis of the type and age of vehicles in the fleet  
  • Service/maintenance schedules
  • Vehicle security
  • Induction and driver assessment
  • Driver and journey profiles
  • Training and competency
  • Penalty and Incentive schemes 
  • Actions in the event of an accident
  • …and much more

Time for an insurance review?

We provide commercial insurance to businesses of every size, including fleet insurance. Is it time to review yours?

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