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Top-ten tips to protect yourself and your home while travelling this year

Are you going abroad this year for a well-earned holiday? Or are you ‘staycationing’ in style somewhere in the UK? Whether you'll be seeking sun or slopes, we wish you a great break, but before you go, let’s make sure that you and your home will be safe and sound so that you can enjoy your trip worry-free. Here are ten tips for looking after yourself and your home while you’re away. 

Set your alarm system

A reliable intruder alarm is essential for protecting your home while you’re travelling. Not only is it a deterrent to would-be thieves, but it will provide you with peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. If you’re leaving a key with a friend or neighbour so they can check in on your property while you’re away, remember to give them the alarm code so that they can disarm and re-set it for you!

Leave a key with a friend or trusted neighbour

While we’re on the subject, having a friend or neighbour turning various lights on and off, bringing in the post and taking out the bins gives the illusion that someone’s home. Plus, as well as keeping your houseplants alive, they can also take in any deliveries that might have been left outside, which will reduce the risk of something being stolen from your doorstep.

Be cautious posting on social media

We all love sharing snaps from the holidays we’ve been on, and we’re not recommending you don’t do this; only that you wait until you return. Announcing on social media that you’re away or about to begin your travels suggests that your property is unoccupied and therefore a tempting target for burglars. If your children are on social media, it’s worth making them aware as to the potential risks of sharing upcoming holiday details on social media too.

Keep up any regular home maintenance

Do you usually have a gardener visit to tend to your lawn, or a regular visit from a pool-cleaning company, perhaps? It might be a good idea to keep to these schedules while you’re away, as thieves sometimes stake out houses to look for signs that the property is empty.

Unplug your electrical appliances

Electrical appliances large or small can be susceptible to power surge and overheating, so be sure to unplug these and switch them off at the socket before you go.

Be aware of your surroundings

When you’re relaxed on holiday, it can be easy to lower your guard and be less vigilant towards any potential threats around you. Knowing where you’re going can be helpful, too, as a tourist who’s lost or disoriented will be an easier target for thieves. In addition, certain areas might carry greater risk than others.

Store your valuables

Be sure to make use of the safe in your hotel room for jewellery, money and any travel documentation. However, the security features on these safes are likely to be limited in comparison to the hotel’s main safe, so anything especially valuable might be better placed in there.

Know who to call for help

Make sure to have your mobile with you when outside your accommodation, so that you can call for help or use the navigation feature to find your way back if you become lost. In addition, it might be worth saving the number of the country’s emergency services to your contacts so that it can be accessed quickly if needed. However, have your phone somewhere secure rather than in a back pocket, for example, as you don’t want to become a target for pickpockets.

Your safety is paramount

It’s an unwelcome thought, but if you’re confronted by criminals, agree to their demands in order to defuse the situation. Valuables can be replaced if you’re the victim of theft, but a price can’t be placed on your own safety. Avoid confrontation at all costs, and as soon as it’s safe to do so, contact the local authorities.

Buy travel insurance

A travel insurance policy can be there to fall back on should the worst occur on your trip; for example if you’re injured or fall ill, if your trip is cut short for any reason, or if your luggage is lost or stolen. Policies and premiums will vary from insurer to insurer, so it’s important to find the right policy for your trip. It’s certainly worth affording yourself both the protection and peace of mind that travel insurance can provide before you leave home. 

We've recently partnered with the award-winning Just Travel Cover. They work with a panel of insurers to allow you to choose your preferred provider, as well as excess and level of cover, putting you firmly in the cockpit! With other benefits including no upper age limit, cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions and real time payout protection for lost luggage1, you can travel with confidence.

To find out more or get a quote, speak to one of their friendly experts by phone on 0800 542 7167.

1 The real time payout policy of £500 if your luggage is deemed lost. Included on Gold policies and can be added from just £3 to Silver and Bronze. After purchase you must activate your Smart Luggage account and register flights for this policy to be in place.

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