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Written by Debbie Parker 09/09/2020

How a broker can help look after your health

When you’re looking for a health insurance policy, the marketplace can feel daunting. There are lots of companies offering health insurance and so many different policies on offer. It’s difficult for even the most informed person to choose a policy that suits their healthcare needs and feel confident they have everything covered. Using a broker who specialises in health and protection, is one way to cut back on the amount of research you need to do to get the best policy for you.

What’s our role as a broker?

As a broker, we look for the best health insurance deals from across a range of providers, that best suit your needs and your budget .

We can also advise you on how best to bundle your family or business insurance policies in ways that an agent acting for a single insurer might not be able to. Our advisers are highly skilled and trained in the health insurance market.

What are the advantages of using a broker like us?

There are many advantages of using a health insurance broker, some of which include:

  • Not ‘one size fits all’ - Brokers aren’t selling one particular health insurance policy, but will look for the best deal for you across a number of insurers.
  • Industry insight - With extensive knowledge of the health insurance sector and experience in providing insurance solutions, brokers can navigate the complexities of the private healthcare industry sector easily.
  • Controlling cost – By using a broker, you’re more likely to be clear on the costs involved. By not being attached to any one insurer, means that you shouldn’t be hit by any hidden fees.
  • Expert advice - A good broker will advocate for you and give you the best advice to make the right decision about your healthcare cover. And should your circumstances change, they’re at the end of the phone to give you impartial advice and guide you through any required changes to your policy.

To talk to a member of our Flexible Health team and get a free, no obligation review of your current health insurance policy, call us today on 0800 849 7744.

We'll review your current benefits, the amount you pay each month and whether your current coverage is working for you. If we don't think it's in your best interests to move from your existing insurer, we'll always say and advise you to stay.

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