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Ensure your cruise is smooth sailing this year with our top travel tips

Throughout this rather soggy spring we’ve had, like us you’ve probably been clinging to thoughts of a serene summer cruise to get you through those damp days. You might imagine yourself gazing out from the balcony of your cabin, the setting sun shimmering off the azure Mediterranean waters that stretch to the distant horizon and beyond, the English weather feeling very far away indeed!

Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Us Brits certainly seem to think so, with more of us cruising now than ever before. Last year saw over 600,000 more of us take to the seas than in 2022, bringing the total to a whopping 2.3 million. If you’re taking to the seas this summer, we wish you a great trip! However, before you set sail, take a moment to check out our top tips for cruising safely. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser already, with more nautical miles under your belt than Jack Sparrow, or it’s your first time, it’s important to travel safely so you can relax to the max!

Pay attention during the muster drill

Those of you who are newer to cruising might be unfamiliar with this phrase, but it essentially refers to a mandatory safety exercise intended to allow all onboard to familiarise themselves with the location of the muster station – the place to assemble in the unlikely event of an emergency. The cruise team will also share other important safety information too, like how to correctly put on a life jacket. You’ll need to attend this drill regardless of how seasoned a sailor you are, as each vessel’s procedures might differ.

Keep your money safe

We advise all travellers to avoid making themselves a target for theft where possible, wherever they’re going, and a cruise is no different. Your room will likely have a safe inside in which you can store your valuables, and we’d strongly advise you to make use of this for your cash, passport and jewellery. When you make port, you’ll obviously need to take your wallet with you to go and sample the mouth-watering local cuisine or fetch that all-important souvenir fridge magnet to take back with you. That said, we’d strongly advise you not bring any more money than you need, and make sure your purse or wallet is safe on your person at all times; don’t advertise it and make yourself a target.

And your cabin secure!

While your valuables might be kept securely in the safe, we’d nonetheless advise you to exercise caution regarding your cabin more generally. Keep your cabin door locked, and if it has a deadbolt, use this too for an added layer of security. We’d advise you do the same for your balcony at night time, too, if you have one, for as lovely as it sounds to drift off into a blissful slumber listening to the ocean below, it could make you a vulnerable target for thieves. Keep your cabin keycard safe on your person at all times, too, and try to avoid writing your room number on it!

Don’t forget your cruise cover

If you’re an experienced cruiser, you might be aware that many operators actually require you to have a cruise-specific travel insurance policy in place before you embark, and might ask you to show proof of this at the terminal. It’s far more than simply a tick-box exercise, though, as it can provide you the peace of mind that you’re protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Last year, we partnered with the award-winning Just Travel Cover, who allow you to compare cover from multiple specialist insurers to help you find a policy perfect for your individual needs. Most of the providers will provide cover for cancellation, loss of possessions, the cost of emergency treatment and repatriation to the UK for medical care should it be required.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote or if you have any questions ahead of your upcoming cruise. Happy sailing!

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