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Edyta Leggett

Edyta Leggett

Head of Delegated Authority - Operations

work 0208 891 8559 

A bit about me and my role

I co-manage the Employee Benefits (EB) team, which look after our existing customers and all their personal insurances. I'm responsible for the operations of the division and for the delegated authority with our partner insurer.

I enjoyed the challenging, but incredibly rewarding, journey of moving up through the Senior and Assistant Manager roles to Heading the EB division 5 years later. I took a little break to start a family and now I work part-time – enjoying the best of both worlds; being a Mum and having an exciting, hands-on job!

When I joined the company, I had my Cert CII but was looking to qualify to the next level. SW supported me through the next stage in my qualification, providing me with the time and resource to advance to ACII. When you put in the work, SW rewards you heavily, making it easy to have a fulfilling career.

When I’m not at the office…

I'm a busy mum juggling work and family life!

When not in the office, I'm most likely found constantly tidying up my toddler son's toys, singing nursery rhymes, watching Tractor Ted or Peppa Pig... you get the picture. All that whilst counting down the days until I have some time to myself to go back and read the books I used to love reading.

I also love heading back to see my family in Poland – which is where I'm originally from!

Professional qualifications

  • ACII
  • MSc


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