Risk Management - not as dull as it seems!

Follow Martin’s Risk Management team on their travels for seven weeks where they will be sharing some intriguing and unusual stories. 

Week 1

We’ve had really good feedback from our Mortuary client after Martin, our Risk Director, helped them understand and control the biological and other hazards associated with the collection, embalming and preparation of the deceased for funeral services. Accompanying Martin on the site visit was the Funeral Manager and he said “before we move on, just be aware that we have other guests you should be aware of”, little did Martin realise that what he really meant until he walked into the next room!

Week 2

We love to get involved in helping organisations who help to improve lives and society. Our Special Needs School client cares for young people with autism and complex needs and they asked for our risk management help. This included assessing the safety of the pupils and school employees and considering the various risks associated with restraining aggressive & violent pupils. This shows that ‘manual handling’ training is more than just keeping a straight back when lifting heavy boxes.

Next week they’ll visit sports clubs. The team members better get fit for this one!

Week 3

The team had a busy week as they tackled First Aid training for a golf club and bowl clubs. Fire risk assessments for a squash club and a rowing association and finally their travels took them to Wimbledon’s Centre Court. Here they were providing advice for crowd safety management.

Next week they’ll be meeting lots of cuddly and some not so cuddly animals. One not to be missed!

Week 4

Our risk management team completed an audit for a Zoo. Many of their jobs encountered unusual hazards the other safety teams may have shied away from, especially the lions and tigers! The old lion didn’t seem to mind when the Zoo staff were showing our team how they safely feed him. The tigers, however, were a little more curious about the new visitors. Martin’s walk into the giraffe compound was a little messier when he stepped into the manure – up to his ‘neck’ in it! We’re happy to report that our team is back in one piece.

Next week will be fun! We are helping out on a game show!

Week 5

Tracey, our Health & Safety Risk Consultant, worked on a TV gameshow studio set this week. She provided support on completing the risk assessments from the initial build right through to the games & challenges. She also advised on the set safety, activity safety and use of suitable Personal Protective Equipment; ensuring that it didn’t interfere with the activity itself. 

Any serious injuries were avoided and the games went ahead without a hitch…well apart from the 30 takes to get it right for TV! 

Next week the team needs to put their best frocks on; they are looking at a University Ball.

Week 6

Tracey, our Health & Safety Risk Consultant, has been reliving her youth when she visited a University and helped with the planning for their annual Ball. Tracey is used to all of this as in a previous role she was the Health & Safety Advisor at a well known London Campus University. The Ball attracted 5,000 students, which is a lot to manage. Her work involved looking at the layout of the venue, fire safety arrangements, control of contractors, crowd safety and much more. We’re glad to confirm that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Ball and it all ran smoothly.

The world can be a dangerous place if you travel to hostile areas. We’ve been asked to help our Bank client next week.

Week 7

The Risk team was helping a Bank’s employees prepare for travel to Nigeria. Nigeria can be a hostile area and the team provided lots of advice to increase employees’ awareness of their surroundings, reduce the risk of scenarios like hostage taking and ensure that they are best placed to respond to an incident. Escorts and close protection were considered for the employees’ personal security. Reputational damage can also be an unintended consequence for our clients and so the team provided some advice around crisis management and what insurance could be most appropriate for them.

Hopefully, for the past seven weeks you could see that our Risk Management team can tackle anything. They thrive on seeing and understanding the unusual. They’re ‘not your typical Risk Manager’. If you would like to hear more about how we can help your business contact Martin by emailing riskmanagement@swib.co.uk

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