Risk Control Surveys

Tailored advice for your business

Insurers routinely visit their policyholders to check how they are managing the risks they insure against.  Sometimes, these visits result in mandatory risk improvements, where failure to comply can lead to a claim being declined.

At Sutton Winson, we compile a report for YOU (not your insurers) and put together an action plan for your perusal. Our own surveys go far beyond a tick-box exercise.

Our aim is to help you become a better, more efficient and resilient business. This would cover things such as:

  • Your organisational structure, communication channels and reporting lines
  • Your ability to survive an adverse event
  • Medium and long-term planning
  • Your exposure to perils such as fire, theft, consequential losses and civil liability claims
  • The effectiveness of your Quality Control and Health and Safety management. 

We will also look at the relationships between your Head Office and other sites, and how they interconnect.  

To find out how we can help you and your business, contact Martin today.

Sutton Winson have given us assistance with Health & Safety Management and Business Continuity Planning. This took a huge weight off our shoulders so we could concentrate on building our business.

Sarah Ketchin

Director at Fortress Technology

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