Contract Review Service

Filling the insurance gaps

Many organisations find themselves under pressure to accept contracts from customers (and sometimes suppliers) that may contain onerous liabilities.

Our experienced contract specialist, while not a solicitor, is adept at identifying areas in contracts that contain unfair or poorly drafted terms. Our aim is to help you to re-negotiate such terms or take out appropriate insurance cover to fill the gaps.

We have seen clients agreeing to customers' terms and conditions which increase their liabilities above the limits of their insurance cover.

We commonly see organisations signing up to provide an unlimited liability for certain events, or for a broad range of consequential losses only mildly connected to the service or product our client is offering. Often contracts will ask for ‘everything’ on the expectation that it's open to negotiation. Yet frequently this is not challenged.

Our Contract Review Service will look at your contracts or collateral warranties with careful reference to your insurance protection. 

To find our how we can help you and your business, contact Martin today. 

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