Risk Management Consultancy

Risk Management can improve the safety and resilience of your business and protect the very brand that you have spent a lifetime building. It’s a win-win investment for all organisations. It is not only good for the bottom line but good for your people too.

By identifying and reducing risk in your business – which could be anything from accidents in the workplace, to supply chain vulnerabilities, or poor supervision and control of staff – you can improve business performance and reduce operational costs.  And at the same time you can reduce your insurance premiums too.

Independent Risk Consultancy for organisations of all sizes

Our Risk Management Consultancy is certainly not a box-ticking exercise and we get no satisfaction from merely producing paperwork.  We’ll work closely with you to identify the real risks in your organisation and we can help create and implement a bespoke Risk Management Action Plan that fits with your short and medium term goals. 

It’s in your insurer’s interests to reduce the number of claims you make. We often secure funding towards targeted risk management work.

Our services include:

Return on investment can be a matter of months

Reducing the number and seriousness of accidents and mistakes, improving compliance and creating a new risk management culture can be truly transformational. Some businesses see a return on investment in a matter of months.

If you would like to find out more about the many advantages of Risk Management Consultancy, contact Martin today.

Sutton Winson have given us assistance with Health & Safety Management and Business Continuity Planning. This took a huge weight off our shoulders so we could concentrate on building our business.

Sarah Ketchin

Director at Fortress Technology

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