SME Cyber Alliance

As the recognised provider of cybercrime solutions for the south-east, the SME Cyber Alliance is here to support SMEs with the very real threat of cybercrime.

The Alliance is a coalition between DMH Stallard LLP, PAV i.t, and us. We support SMEs by putting processes and measures in place to protect your business, either before or after a cyber attack has occurred. The alliance offers a personal, fast and effective response to all forms of cybercrime, providing cutting edge knowledge and expertise, helping you to get back to what matters to you. We are at first hand to offer you a wide range of solutions including essential insurance protection, exceptional legal advice and expert IT support.

What can a Cyber policy cover?

  • System Damage - Costs of restoring your computer programs, systems, website(s) and data following a cyber attack.
  • System Business Interruption - Loss of profits following a cyber attack.
  • Consequential Reputational Harm - Cover for loss of profits from current and future customers caused by damage to reputation as a result of a security breach.
  • Crisis Communications - Costs of hiring a Public Relations company to reduce damage to your brand if the media reports your security breach.
  • Cyber Extortion - A hacker may send a threatening email to you, stating that they will introduce a virus, reveal confidential information or delete your data unless a ransom is paid.  A cyber policy will pay for costs to:

  • Hire consultants to investigate if the threat is real;
  • Offer a reward to identify the perpetrators of the threat; and
  • Pay the ransom if all else fails.
  • Cyber Crime - Theft of money from your bank accounts by a third party. 
  • Notification Costs - A cyber policy can include costs of:
  • Identifying the source of the breach and which consumers have been affected;
  • Drafting letters to those affected (or potentially affected)
  • Credit monitoring services (to ensure lines of credit are not taken out in a consumer’s name)
  • Setting up a call centre / helpline to answer enquiries from affected consumers
  • Cyber Liability - You may inadvertently transmit a virus to a third party, or your system may be compromised and used in a distributed denial of service attack without your knowledge, leading to a claim being made against you.
  • Privacy Liability - A claim may be made against you for damages, costs and expenses arising out of a breach of personal data protection legislation.
  • Media Liability - Cover can be included for:
  • Libel, slander, defamation resulting through online activities such as websites and social networks
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights (copyright, trademark etc.)

Isn't this covered under my existing insurance policy?

Some insurance policies may provide elements of cyber cover, but most will exclude losses caused by a cyber attack and any cover provided is likely to be small. A separate cyber policy will ensure that your cyber risks are fully catered for.

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