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Naylor Wright Recruitment & Payroll Insurance

If you run a payroll/umbrella company or recruitment agency for temporary workers, you may be liable for injury to or injury/damage caused by one of your temporary workers while on assignment. The complex question is who carries the responsibility and pays damages as a result.

Naylor Wright is an independent insurance specialist operating in this sector since 1988. It was set-up specifically to protect recruitment agencies and payroll companies from workers liability claims and to help you comply with your legal obligations. 

We can also help to identify where client contracts place you at risk outside of your insurance program. What’s more, we’ll help you to stay protected as employment law, tax law, legal precedents and interpretations continue to evolve.

Ensuring protection through cover and contracts

We will work closely with you to tailor-make a policy structure that suits your business, which may include:  

  • Group Personal Accident policy to protect your workers on site including travel-to-work protection, giving you enhanced benefits to attract new clients
  • Liability and Professional Indemnity cover to protect your business as a whole
  • Cyber Liability and Commercial Crime, to protect your business from the increasing risk of data theft and fraud
  • Trade Credit insurance to protect your bottom line in the event your client defaults on payment or become insolvent after you have paid your temporary workers
  • Group Health and Protection and a range of Employee Benefits to help protect your staff and provide attractive employment packages
  • And we will keep you informed about rapidly changing legal and commercial environment.

An in-house Claims team on your side

Our in-house Claims team are experienced in workplace claims and will provide the vital support you need to minimise claims against your business while looking after your workers and protecting your reputation.

If you would like to find out more about our specialist solutions, contact David today.

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