Trade Credit Solutions

Bad debt, Bonds and Sureties

Trade Credit Insurance can provide your business with essential protection from  the risk of non payment by insolvency or default. These are financial instruments, which need to be structured specifically to your requirements if you are to gain the most from your insurance policy and the benefits that it offers.

We work with customers of all sizes across a variety of industries. We’ll spend time with you examining and defining what you need, negotiating terms with the right insurers and reviewing your needs throughout the lifetime of your policy

No one size fits all

There are many options to consider and we’ll explain and discuss these with you:

  • on a ‘whole turnover basis’, or against specific customers (single debtor), across domestic and/or export markets
  • catastrophe cover, insuring you against a major customer insolvency or a threshold to share the risk with insurers 
  • protection against contractual failings by a contractor or supplier 
  • specialist Bonds and Sureties like Performance Bonds, HMRC Custom Bonds, Movement Guarantees, Roads and Sewer Bonds, Reinstatement Bonds and Rural Payment Agency Guarantees.

Added benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance supports your cash flow and complements your credit control. It can give you the confidence to extend sales to less well-known customers and allows expansion into new markets, whether that’s domestically or internationally. You will also find that Banks and Lenders look favorably on having security in place and will offer preferential rates.

If you would like to find out more about Trade Credit Insurance, Surety Bonds, contact Stuart today.

Our Credit insurance is tailored to our specific needs, so we can maximise our plans to expand and grow, domestically and internationally. The key benefit to us is removing the risk from our balance sheet and providing the security, which our Lenders and Shareholders require.

Trade Credit Client

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