Reviewing Your Recruitment CRM

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If you’re an established UK recruitment agency, you probably already have an established CRM and applicant tracking software in place right? Whilst this may be true, it’s a positive step to ask yourself the following questions in relation to your current system:

  • Does the software meet the needs of the business right now?
  • Will the software continue to meet the needs of the business as it grows?
  • Does it allow myself and my colleagues to perform their job effectively?
  • Can I easily access the system when I’m not in the office or working remotely?
  • Do I have confidence that my data is secure and not being misused?
  • Do I get efficient and quality technical support and assistance from my current provider?
  • Is my current provider receptive to user feedback and suggestions?
  • Is the cost of my current system too high in relation to the needs of the business?
  • Does my current system help the business to meet its obligations under GDPR?

With these questions in mind, it is good business practice to re-review existing systems and tools regularly. Much like your own business, the software you use must evolve to keep pace with the latest regulatory changes and technology updates. Simply assuming that one of your most valuable business assets – Your recruitment CRM – should be exempt from regular review because it’s already in place is a risky position to be in even if you did answer “Yes” to all of the above.

If you’re a recruitment start-up then your initial business priorities are most likely going to be very different, however the questions above are still relevant and should be a priority when you take that all important first step to selecting your first recruitment software provider.

About RecruitmentWorx

Launched in 2013, RecruitmentWorx is a cloud-based recruitment CRM developed and maintained by Induti Limited.

They specialise in the design, development and delivery of bespoke software solutions and supply the products and services to organisations throughout the UK.

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