We recognise that no two charities are the same. We think differently from other brokers because we take time to understand your organisation’s goals and operations, tailoring our service and insurance accordingly.

Proactive Risk Management

Through gaining an in-depth knowledge of you and your approach to risk management, we can ensure your cover is fit for purpose. At the same time, our in house Risk Management team has developed specialist charity consultancy services:

  • Duty of Care Reviews/Consultancy
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Face-to-Face and Online Training
  • Formulating Risk Registers
  • Contractual Audits and Reviews

We link these features to negotiate the best value for money from insurers, while ensuring that you are protected if the worst happens. 

Commitment to Service

Rather than an arm’s-length supplier, we’ll become part of your organisation. Our work doesn’t stop once you’ve paid your premiums. We work proactively to stay close to you, keep pace with change and evolve your protection accordingly.

And should you need to make a claim; our carefully negotiated arrangements with insurers, supported by our in house Claims Service will deliver a smoother and reassured process.

If you would like to find out more, contact Joe today.

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