Frequently asked questions

What will happen after I have reported my claim?

If you have reported your claim online, we will contact you by the next working day to confirm whether your claim will be covered, let you know who your claims handler will be and what will happen next. 

Can I do any emergency repairs?

It is your responsibility to try and reduce your loss as far as possible. Therefore if temporary repairs can be done to prevent further damage then you should have these carried out. Keep hold of all the bills as, provided your claim is covered, we will reimburse you these costs. If you call our 24 hour emergency service (0800 917 9205), they may be able to assist you with providing traders. In some instances, for example boarding windows, we can appoint specialists for you and will pay them directly if your policy covers you. 

What will I need to do to help you settle my claim?

Claims for theft or loss will require proof of ownership to be sent in as well as a crime or lost property number. We may need to inspect your damaged items, so please keep them until we let you know you can dispose of them. Where we ask for further documents, information or assistance, it is to help us settle your claim as quickly as possible. 

Why have you passed my claim to someone else?

We will always tell you at the outset of your claim if we intend to appoint a Loss Adjuster, property surveyor or contractor to visit you and deal with your claim, or any supplier to restore or inspect damaged items. We use a number of service providers to collect information to assist us in achieving the earliest possible settlement of your claim and at the least inconvenience to you. 

Will I need to get quotes for items I'm claiming for?

We have a panel of selected suppliers and contractors, so you may not need to do this, but we will let you know if this is the case for your particular claim. 

Do I need to report my claim to the police?

If any loss, theft, malicious damage or vandalism occurs the police will need to be informed of the incident as soon as you reasonably can and a crime or lost property number obtained. If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen, you will also need to report this to your service provider. 

Can someone else make a claim on my behalf?

In order for anyone else to deal with the policy on your behalf we would need permission from you first of all. 

What effect will making a claim have on my premium?

We can't tell you if or by how much a claim is going to affect your premium; this is something that we can discuss with you at the time of renewing your policy. We will write to you before your renewal to tell you how much your new premium would be, however, if we can take a few minutes to run through your details with you we can check that our records are up to date and ensure that your cover and premium are correct. Premiums can be affected by many factors including the type and frequency of claims made against the policy. 

After the incident, how long do I have to claim?

We do generally ask for it to be reported to us no later than 30 days after the discovery of the incident. 

What is my policy excess?

Your excess is the first amount payable by you for any one incident under each section of your insurance policy and which is deducted from your claim settlement. Your claims handler will confirm what your excess is when you have reported your claim.

Will I need to pay any costs apart from my excess?

It is your responsibility to supply us with all proof, information and other evidence relating to the claim. We will require you to provide these at your own expense. 

How long will my claim take?

This really depends on the extent of your loss and the action needed to restore you to the same position. We will however allocate a dedicated claims handler to your claim who will provide updates to you at key stages. 

What do you consider to be storm damage?

Damage which is caused by violent winds of at least 40 knots. 

How will you settle my claim?

Wherever possible, we will repair or replace lost, damaged and stolen items through one of our specially selected suppliers. Where this isn't possible, we will discuss alternative settlement arrangements with you. 

Any specified personal possessions that have been totally lost or destroyed will be removed from your policy cover.  If you replace them and require cover again, you will need to pay an additional premium for this and can contact us to make the arrangements. 

My policy says it's new for old, what does this mean?

New for old means we will replace your possessions with a new item of at least the same specification or the nearest current equivalent. This is subject to your sum insured being adequate and should your claim be subject to a limit e.g. for a specified personal possession, we will not pay any more than the amount listed in your policy schedule. There may be wear and tear deductions for clothing and household linen however this is detailed in your policy booklet.

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