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New look, same us!

You may see things look a little bit different around here - we're excited to share with you the launch of our brand refresh!

The reason why

We've always been here to help our clients make more informed choices about the insurances they need and that work best for them. As the world of insurance continues to change, we also evolve the services and expert advice we provide. That's why we're updating the way we look and sound.

What hasn't changed is Who We Are - we're still the independent experts where people come first. The way our clients contact us and the service they receive from our team of experts remains the same. Everyone can still expect to receive the dedicated advice that they're used to.

Our new-look visual identity provides a fresh and modern take on our old brand, whilst our updated framework sees evolved company values and a whole new brand proposition. Both of these elements bring our people and our clients to the forefront and allow us to confidently demonstrate what we do, why we exist and the value we add.

Ben Nicol Marketing Manager

Making a mark with our new logo

The below shows how our logo has evolved and that we also now have a logomark, which you'll see used across our digital marketing, including our website and social media channels. It's modern, crystal clear, solid and deliberate - it's just like us!

What matters to us most


Our success is built on relationships. We genuinely care about our clients and take time to understand what they need.


Our independence enables us to be agile, flexible and above all, client-centric. We’re not tied to one provider, so we can find exactly the right solution for each client.


We'll always be candid, fair and plain speaking. We’re on our client’s side, so they feel secure and trust us to do the right thing.


Our people are our biggest asset. We're approachable experts, responsible, personable and committed.

Joined-up thinking

We work as one team. If you need expertise from another area of the business, you'll meet colleagues who are fully briefed and ready to go.

Not just pretty colours

Whilst our new logo, typography and colours all look top notch, we're also taking the opportunity to improve the ways in which we communicate with our clients.

Over the coming months, clients will start to see updated communications, emails, letters, brochures etc. in both our new visual identity and new tone of voice. It's likely that people may see both our old and new styles from time to time and we appreciate everyone's patience as these changes are made.

Approachable people, ready to share their knowledge

We hope you're as excited as we are about our newly refreshed brand and thank you for embracing the changes we're making. If you have any questions, please contact our team of experts and they'll be more than happy to help.

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For us, it's about using our expertise to push possibilities and help our clients to make more informed choices that will serve them best. I'm excited about how our newly refreshed brand will enable us to continue to grow and deliver expert advice to our clients, shaped around them.

Gareth Roberts Managing Director
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