Sutton Winson

Charities and Not-for-profit organisations

Our approach

Sutton Winson takes a rounded approach to understanding your charity/NGO and the risks it faces, starting with a "blank canvas" rather than historical information. This fresh perspective is maintained throughout subsequent meetings and reviews to ensure that nothing is taken for granted. 

We devise an insurance programme which protects your charity/NGO, as well as provide advice to manage/mitigate your risks.

We believe that insurance is an industry built on relationships: between clients and brokers, clients and insurers and insurers and brokers. We aim to build long term, trusted and balanced tri-partite relationships. 

We regularly:
  • Review an insurer's financial strength 
  • Identify any potential issues and inform you as soon as possible
  • Scrutinise the insurer's service standards and claims paying ability
  • Ensure that agreed service standards are met, whilst being professional, proactive and personal. 


How we handle claims is  very important to us and having a prompt and fair settlement is the main reason you buy insurance. We are here to fight your corner with insurers, making sure you obtain the right result. You will have dedicated people who will handle all aspects of your claim, leaving you to get on with running your organisation. 

We are here for the Long Term

We build long term relationships with charities and you will benefit from: 

  • Professional Advice from a trusted partner
  • Reasonable and competitive insurance premiums
  • Help to make your organisation more resilient 
  • Global Insurance protection, meaning there are no gaps and protection in the UK is replicated overseas. 

Global Protection 

We understand the risks involved in sending staff/volunteers/consultants to potentially dangerous places overseas. So we have constructed global insurance programmes to ensure consistency of cover across a range of territories. 

Sutton Winson is a founding member of UNIBA Partners, a worldwide alliance of insurance brokers established in 1987, now represented in over 120 countries worldwide.  Our executive chairman is a board member of UNIBA.

We are able to access local insurance markets, via our UNIBA partners, and to manage global insurance programmes, through a shared information portal. 

To find out how we can help your organisation, please contact Hamish on [email protected] or call 0845 688 9088.