Sutton Winson to launch Home Insurance via flex

3 September 2014

UK Flexible Benefit schemes had its origins back in the mid-1980s. Schemes were fairly basic and were restricted to about five options. Today, companies of all sizes can get access to a multitude of choices, available on a variety of platforms. Suna Bull, Head of Sales & Marketing at Sutton Winson, says that the range and scope of Employee Benefits are growing rapidly and products available have the potential to impact on almost every aspect of an employee's life.

Bull says: "For benefits to make a positive impact, the individual needs to be aware of and understand the benefits their employer currently offers. However, evolving buying behaviours, more flexible working arrangements and more integrated relationships with employers mean that employees are increasingly choosing to move away from paternalistic benefits to a more consultative arrangement, whereby they expect employers to facilitate their lifestyle purchases." 

But what of the future? Sutton Winson, in conjunction with Zurich Insurance, has taken the next logical step in this evolution and will be launching Home Insurance as a genuine Flexible Benefit. For more information email 

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