Is Santa bringing you expensive gadgets?

17 December 2015

Is Santa bringing you expensive gadgets?

Gadget protection 

With Christmas just around the corner, lists are being compiled of wants and wishes. Adam Saunders thought he would offer an alternative list – how to protect those much sought after (and highly breakable) gadgets and ideas for the risk averse. 

What's this got to do with insurance? If you or your family accidentally break them you need to claim for them under your insurance, which will be subject to an excess – so it's worth a thought. 

My examples below are a little on the silly side but my point is that it doesn't cost a great deal to protect your expensive items. If you have 'Accidental Damage' with your contents insurance you will be covered for these items within your home, however consider your excess and the fact that claims may have an adverse impact on the terms we can offer at renewal. If you have 'Personal Possessions' with your contents insurance, this cover is extended away from your home – the same pitfalls apply and you should always ensure that you have a sufficient sum insured. 


I know these aren't a gadget but they will be high on the lists due to their popularity soaring in the recent years, with bike theft also increasing. Spending over £500 on a bicycle is fine but spending less than 10% of that cost on its security should not be a second thought. 

Luckily, the Master Locksmiths Association now has a Gold, Silver and Bronze rating for locks through their SoldSecure structure. This means you can be sure you are buying a quality lock. They start at about £25 – but always make sure you lock the bike to an immovable object. 


Many of these will be in your possession because you took out a contract and therefore the cost of the phone is masked through your monthly payments. However, with the iPhone 5s starting at just over £500 and most contracts are not coming with insurance, any kind of damage can be very costly. A solid case can be a worthwhile investment. 

Tank by Case Mate (£30 onwards)

I thought a silly example could make a point here, although I realise most of us don't want to look or feel like an Action Man. The Case is produced to meet the standards of the US Army, this is potentially a bit bulky for some. The manufacturers decided that driving over it in a car is the best way to demonstrate its strength.

Otterbox Defender (£15 - £20)Perhaps a little more slender is this offering from Otterbox, which still allows you to drop your phone off a building and not break it (Apparently! Although I wouldn't advise trying it). 

These cases might be 'a little too far' but hopefully my point is understood – protection is better than cure. 


G-Form Extreme

There are hundreds of examples of cases for Tablets and Smartphones on the market and I have gone for the more extreme versions here. As nice as a neoprene cover may be, the amount of protection it gives you is going to be minimal. This example costs £25 and comes from a company that makes protective pads for knees, elbows and shoulders for people who like to throw themselves of the sides of mountains. 


Laptops are hardly new and neither are the cases. However, by far the most important thing to appreciate when buying a case is that the laptop fits snugly into it. Therefore, always go for one specifically designed for your laptop rather than a generic one. There are hundreds of these to choose from and most can be picked up for as little as £40 which, if you think the top end laptops still cost £1,500 plus is a fraction of the cost. 

And finally...

Missing your luggage? The Trackdot luggage tracker will cost you around £45. Put it in your luggage and it will send you a message on you smart phone to tell you where your luggage is when you land. For those who have never had their luggage sent to a more glamorous location than themselves this may seem a bit gimmicky but I thought it was quite neat.

Please note: Other manufacturers and brands are available. The brands quoted are only a sample and Sutton Winson does not specifically recommend or endorse any specific brand over another nor do we guarantee the effectiveness of those protection measures for your devices.

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