Human Error and Cyber Security Incidents

3 September 2015

Good network security and risk management should always be a priority to prevent breaches occurring in the first place. According to the IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, over 95 percent of all incidents investigated recognise "human error" as a contributing factor.

At present the most common form of such a breach remains the result of clicking on a malicious link found in a phishing message; however security threats arising from system misconfiguration, the use of default usernames and passwords and misplaced laptops/mobile devices continues to pose potentially huge risk across all sectors.  

Whilst the risk can be managed it can never be completely eliminated.  It is fair to say that in order to mitigate risk in a business, both robust proactive security measures and a decent Cyber policy need to be in place to ensure that you have the maximum protection available. 

A Cyber policy will typically pay the costs of putting the breach right, reinstating damaged software and records, notifying affected customers, extortion payments, loss of profits etc. 

Material damage and business interruption insurance policies do not cover a business for data loss. Computer policies exclude losses incurred from viruses and hacking. A Cyber attack could impact your business in a number of ways:

  • Loss of network and website capability
  • Data loss or damage – incurring costs to reinstate the data including claims by third parties
  • Money stolen from your accounts
  • Amendments to your invoicing system – your customers funds redirected by cyber criminals
  • Damage to your brand reputation

Sutton Winson has a wealth of expertise and experience; we understand the issues you face and can talk you through the exposures, covers and options available to transfer these Cyber risks to an insurer.

To learn more about cyber liabilities, contact your Account Executive, call 0330 008 5555 or email 

Category: Commercial Insurance

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