How to get your claim paid in a sanctioned country

30 June 2015

Insurers of NGOs, operating in the country applying sanctions will need to comply with whatever form they take to potentially avoid being found guilty of a criminal offence. The insurance industry has dealt with this matter by including a general Sanctions Clause in their contracts, the wording of which can vary depending on the insurer. However, all will exclude coverage or claim payments that breach financial or trade sanctions. 

Sanctions include a range of financial or trading restrictions, such as freezes on the assets and travel restrictions of named individuals, bans on financing of state-owned enterprises, prohibitions on the supply of technical, financial and other assistance and outright prohibitions on trade. 

Has your broker or insurer mentioned how they deal with sanctions? – if not, click here to find out the ways to deal with sanctions

Many NGOs we work with operate in hostile and challenging environments, often with sanctions in place. We can talk you through how to stay compliant so you can deliver your organisation goals.

For more information on sanctions and available protection in the country you operate, contact Hamish on

Category: Commercial Insurance

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