Firework display and Bonfire night

3 October 2014

As the summer is drawing to a close, cold winter evenings will soon be upon us.  Are you considering warming your community with a spectacular Firework and/or Bonfire night to bring your community together?

If your club is thinking of organising the event and you are insured under our specialist insurance scheme, we can arrange to extend your cover to incorporate such event for £53.00 (including Insurance Premium Tax at 6%). 

If the event is being organised by a third party it would be necessary for them to arrange their own Public Liability cover, and your club should ensure this cover is in place before the event.

The conditions and guidelines for holding the event from our scheme Insurer, Allianz, are as follows:

  • The Police and Fire Brigade authorities must be consulted at least 7 days before the proposed event and their recommendations strictly adhered to                
  • There must be at least 1 steward in attendance for every 250 spectators for the duration of the event
  • All spectators are to be kept behind an adequate barrier at all times, and the barrier must be at least 25m from the fireworks  
  • Qualified First Aid personnel must be in attendance with the means available to summon the Emergency Services  
  • All recommendations made by the manufacturer of the fireworks are to be complied with in full
  • All Fireworks must be supplied by a reputable manufacturer and not modified by the insured
  • All Firework Displays and Bonfires to be at least 100m away from any buildings or vehicles
  • The whole display is properly supervised and the site is suitable for the event
  • All unused fireworks are to be kept in a closed fireproof box
  • Fireworks are only to be ignited by responsible adults who are part of the organising body
  • Sparklers should not be distributed amongst the spectators but in an area cordoned off for the sole use of sparklers.

HSE website provides useful guidance for organising firework displays, and our own specialist Risk Manager, Martin Coppard, is on hand to answer additional questions on Bonfire and Firework displays or any other Health & Safety issues you might have. Feel free to contact him on 

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