How Health & Safety can help with mechanic recruitment

06/12/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

There’s been a growing crisis in vehicle technician recruitment in recent years amid a rising skills shortage. In this article we discover how Health & Safety has a positive role in overcoming challenges in filling vacant roles…

Underinsurance: When was the last time your rebuild sum was reviewed?

02/12/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

With property prices going up and the cost of building materials at an all-time high, there’s a risk you could be underinsured. We take a closer look as to how insurers calculate rebuild costs, how properties become underinsured and why it’s important to get your property revalued…

When the unexpected happens, we’ve got your back

02/12/2021 |

Category: Commercial Insurance

It’s so important to have adequate insurance in place that’ll keep you and your business protected should the unexpected happen. For our larger Commercial clients, insurance claims can often be complex and that’s where our Claims team step in. We take a look at the fantastic work they do and hear first-hand what our clients say about their experience of making a claim…

Vehicle movements – an accident waiting to happen?

29/11/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

Vehicle movements account for a significant number of fatal workplace accidents in the UK each year and highlight the importance of a ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessment. We take a look at what you need to consider and do to avoid a major injury on your own premises…

Removing the strain of manual handling

28/11/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

A third of all injuries in motor vehicle repair are due poor manual handling. We take a look at why this is often overlooked and what can you do to protect both your organisation and your staff…

Taking the heat out of hot works

22/11/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

Oxy-acetylene welding kits are a common sight in many vehicle workshops and a handy tool for cutting metal and repairing components. But a lack of control over their use or an under-estimation of the risks could have widespread repercussions...

The peril of the pit

22/11/2021 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

Falls into vehicle inspection pits are making the press. In this article we put pit protection back on the agenda, with guidance for working at height and the various options available to prevent falls from happening...

The cyber security risks of homeworking

17/04/2020 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

COVID-19 is not only having an impact on the way we live and manage our health, but also the way in which we work.

With many people now working remotely, here are some top tips for businesses on how to keep cyber-secure, whilst staff are working from home.

Planning for the future

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Differences Between Cyber & Crime Insurance

19/06/2019 |

Category: Commercial Insurance

It is now more important than ever to protect your business against cyber crime through robust procedures, technology, and insurance. But what crimes fall under a Cyber policy, and which ones fall under a Crime policy?

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