Risk Insights 2017

04/10/2017 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

In this edition we focus on the Global Risk Trends and Business Resilience and help companies understand the implications upon their business and identify practical ways in which they can mitigate risk and reduce cost.


New Compensation Reforms

02/10/2017 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

Legislation that will affect your business insurance costs

What is new? 

You may have recently heard about the new Government reforms set to increase compensation awards for members of the public or employees who suffer life...

Trade Credit Brochure

24/07/2017 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

If you would like to receive our latest Trade Credit Brochure, which provides guide to various available market products and how they can benefit your organisation, please email 

Reducing your exposure to Business Crime

13/01/2017 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

Business Crime is growing in popularity and is cunning, smart and very convincing. It is being spurred on by the very technology that is supposed to help businesses improve performance.

Risk Insights

31/10/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

This edition reflects upon the changing risk landscape since the financial crash and identifies some of the key emerging risks that we believe will affect business decisions over the next 12-36 months.

If you would like a copy,...

Winegrower Scholarship winner

26/08/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

Sutton Winson is pleased to announce Irene Harte as the winner of the Sutton Winson’s New Winegrower Scholarship. We are delighted to be offering Irene the opportunity to study a Masters in Viticulture and Oenology.

Health & Safety - Update on Fines

14/06/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

The new sentencing guidelines issued in February 2016 will ensure that these levels of fines will be more common for larger organisations. Fines are now linked to the size of an organisation and their level of assets. The heaviest...

Will Insurance ever be interesting?

07/06/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

Firstly, a few facts:

In 2013 it was made official!..the role of statistician (an insurance pricing analyst), was voted the most satisfying job in the's true!Jasper Carrot (a well known British comedian) made a career...

The Perception of Risk

07/06/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

CEOs, CFOs, and Risk Managers all carry a responsibility for anticipating risk, managing risk, and have to make big decisions that could have significant consequences. But how do we balance the rewards of risk against the...

UK premiums - market movement report

13/05/2016 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance

Sutton Winson is pleased to release the latest market movements for the UK General Insurance market. The results are for the period 12 months to 31st January 2016. Our full report on the UK market will be released later this...

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