Protecting your Club this Winter

09/01/2017 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

Many Sutton Winson insured clubs experience damage to their property during the winter months.

Remember that not all costs incurred by weather damage are covered by insurance and it’s worthwhile considering:

Policy excesses you...

Subsidence, its causes, solutions and how to financially protect your club

02/04/2016 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

So what is subsidence? 

It's a lowering or collapse of the ground, which can be triggered by a man-made disturbance, such as: building works, a change in drainage patterns, usually caused by damaged drains or a leak, heavy rain...

Variety of free benefits for your Club

03/03/2016 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

Our clients tell us that Risk Management and Health & Safety are filled with red tape and grey areas, and it can be tedious and confusing. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have clear guidance and support on these topics in one central...

Are your committee members protected?

03/02/2016 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

Our clients tell us that the duties imposed upon committee member(s) continue to rise and the running of a club is increasingly more complicated.

Many aspects expose not just your club to civil, criminal and regulatory action,...

Benefits of your Legal Expenses cover

03/01/2016 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

Did you know that under our specialist scheme you automatically receive an introductory level of protection for Commercial Legal Expenses free? This covers your club’s property pursuits, criminal prosecution defence, business...

Good planning will make a difference

18/12/2015 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

These last few days, certain parts of the UK experienced severe weather and extreme cases of flooding, with some areas being affected by at least 5ft of water.

In light of the UK's Met Office issuing further warnings for heavy...

Firework display and Bonfire night

03/10/2014 |

Category: Bowls & Racquets

As the summer is drawing to a close, cold winter evenings will soon be upon us.  Are you considering warming your community with a spectacular Firework and/or Bonfire night to bring your community together?

If your club is...

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