Benefits of your Legal Expenses cover

3 January 2016

Did you know that under our specialist scheme you automatically receive an introductory level of protection for Commercial Legal Expenses free? This covers your club’s property pursuits, criminal prosecution defence, business licence protection and taxation appeals.

The cost of legal pursuits or disputes can spiral and if your Club has limited funds it would be difficult to finance. You are now able to protect your Club further by upgrading to our enhanced level, which will provide these additional covers:

  • Contract Disputes – covers the legal costs of a contract dispute, for example, with one of your food or alcohol suppliers or maintenance/building contractors.
  • Employment – covers the legal costs of civil proceedings over an employment contract dispute brought on by one of your previous, present or prospective employees. It also covers any awards or compensation the courts tribunal orders your Club to pay.
  • Data Protection – covers the cost of defending your Club in a dispute arising out of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Jury Service – a payment of up to £100 per day, for a partner, director or employee of your club, who is absent from work due to being on a jury. Provided the sum is not recoverable from the relevant court and the payment has been made by the Club.
  • Witness Attendance Allowance – a payment of up to £100 per day if your Club’s employee is absent from work as a result of attending a hearing, court tribunal or arbitration as a witness on behalf of your club.  Written consent from your Insurer must be sourced first.

To find out how you can upgrade to the enhanced level, contact James on 0844 815 0115 or email 

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