Are your insurers admitting and accepting liability claims rather than defending them?

16 March 2016


Our clients encounter a frequent frustration where a settlement of seemingly ‘no fault’ claims or reported incidents are subject to unexplained claims reserves.

Why does this happen?

Lack of formal systems and processes in an organisation can often lead to companies being held liable for injuries, particularly to employees, where there is inadequate training or accident investigation records. This leads to their insurers settling losses where employers feel they are not at fault – sometimes distorting their claims experience and impacting negatively on premium levels.

What can you do?

A Claims Defensibility Audit identifies strengths and weaknesses in your current risk management systems; it profiles your risk more positively with insurers and adds value to your current arrangements. 

Sutton Winson’s Claims Defensibility Audit identifies strengths and weaknesses in your current management systems and raises awareness of the causes of claims; we will help you to fully understand how you can minimise your business exposure to risk.

It is designed to:

  • Reduce the frequency of accidents / incidents and claims
  • Improve awareness of the outcomes of claims
  • Reduce the cost of claims by understanding that early admissions in cases with no defence will save costs in the long term – defending the indefensible is not an option
  • Improve the welfare of all employees by improving safety awareness

But the ultimate benefits to you are: 

  • The ability to significantly drive down the frequency and risks of incidents and claims
  • Save money on your insurance premiums
  • A lower risk of prosecution and fines following an unfortunate incident
  • Employees are less likely to claim if they know you have a solid defence 

To find out how to enhance the protection of your business, contact us.

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

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