Vibration injuries; a risk that’s felt but overlooked

26/05/2021 |

Category: Risk Management

Power tools are present in many workplaces. However, the prolonged use of such tools and the vibration risks that are associated when using them is often overlooked by employers. Here are five ways to control exposures to vibration injuries.

Homeworking is here to stay. Is your business prepared?

10/03/2021 |

Category: Risk Management

Some thought remote working would only be temporary, but now, nearly a year on, many organisations are contemplating the future of the workplace and the possibility of making homeworking a more permanent arrangement. To do this, there are steps firms must take to ensure employees’ homeworking environment is suitable, safe and healthy.

Can we ask our staff to have the COVID-19 vaccine?

With the UK’s vaccination programme now being rolled out and picking up pace, this is a question that more and more employers are starting to ask. So is it legal and if so, should you consider it?

Be kind to your mind with exercise

20/05/2020 |

Category: Risk Management

With the UK Government having recently relaxed some of the lockdown measures, people are now allowed to do as much exercise during the day as they like.

We’re all aware that keeping active has a positive impact on our physical health, but some may not be as aware of what benefits exercise can bring to your mental health.

Managing Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace

19/05/2020 |

Category: Risk Management

Poor Mental Health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today. We take a look at what Mental Health is, why it matters, how to put it on your company's agenda and what training and support you can provide to staff.

Indirect Health & Safety challenges for businesses due to COVID-19

29/04/2020 |

Category: Risk Management

Over recent weeks, there’s already been a lot of information published about how businesses should deal with the direct Health & Safety challenges of COVID-19.

However, it’s not just the direct effects of the virus that you need to plan for. In this article, we explore four of the indirect Health & Safety challenges that businesses might face...

The cyber security risks of homeworking

17/04/2020 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

COVID-19 is not only having an impact on the way we live and manage our health, but also the way in which we work.

With many people now working remotely, here are some top tips for businesses on how to keep cyber-secure, whilst staff are working from home.

HSE raised control standard for welding fumes

13/03/2019 |

Category: Risk Management

If you undertake welding – whether regularly or occasionally – in your workplace, you need to be aware that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently raised the control standards for welding fumes. 

Road Safety Week is not just about slowing down

13/11/2017 |

Category: Risk Management

This week is a Road Safety Week, an annual event to stimulate community involvement in promoting road safety awareness year-round.

For those organisations that run a fleet of company vehicles, managing risk is not only about...

New Compensation Reforms

02/10/2017 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

Legislation that will affect your business insurance costs

What is new? 

You may have recently heard about the new Government reforms set to increase compensation awards for members of the public or employees who suffer life...

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