Non‐traditional benefits can signal to employees how much they are valued by the organisation.

08/09/2016 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

The study1 examined the effect of tradition vs non-traditional employee benefits (EBs) have on what the authors called 'perceived organisational support' or more simply, employee engagement. In a sample of 457 companies, non-tradi...

Insuring your bike

19/06/2016 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

In 2011, the Guardian reported* that in the previous year there'd been 115,147 bike thefts in the UK. This however, doesn't reflect the true number, as it's thought that only one in five is actually reported. 

Earlier this year...

Bike security

31/01/2016 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

The days are starting to draw out again and it doesn't seem to be raining all the time, so the cyclists among us are starting to get more use from our bikes.

We know that many of our clients use bicycles for getting to and from...

Is Santa bringing you expensive gadgets?

17/12/2015 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

Gadget protection 

With Christmas just around the corner, lists are being compiled of wants and wishes. Adam Saunders thought he would offer an alternative list – how to protect those much sought after (and highly breakable)...

Don't let them spoil your festive season

Christmas security

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving but the last thing you want is for a burglar to be the recipient of your gifts. We have some tips to prevent you ending up with unwanted visitors and to protect the...

Neil Meninick joins Sutton Winson

Sutton Winson is delighted to announce the recent arrival of Neil Meninick. Neil joins us from a career in global assistance services, working with major insurers to support employees (and family members) travelling & working...

3.5% increase to your insurance costs

In the 2015 budget, the Government announced an increase in the rate of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from 6% to 9.5%.

What does it mean for you:

IPT applies to the majority of insurance policies. With effect from 1st November...

OTS publishes recommendations on Employee Benefits taxation

06/02/2015 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

The report, which builds on an interim report published last year that set out a series of nine quick wins, includes 20 proposals to simplify the process for both employers and the employee.

Its recommendations include:


Looking for NI efficient benefits?

Sutton Winson will be introducing a competitive, high quality Home Insurance solution which will also be tax efficient.

*The policy, which will only be available as a flexible benefit or salary sacrifice arrangement, will not...

Dealing with stress in the workplace

26/11/2014 |

Categories: Employee Benefits & Healthcare

It’s important that employers recognise the signs of stress in the workplace. They might risk legal action against them if they ignore it or are unable to deal with it.

Stress is the major cause of sickness absence, costing...

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