Car Insurance FAQs

Information last updated: 02/04/2020

Financial support, here to help:

Did you know that most of our insurers are now offering instalment based payment for their policies, and on some home and motor solutions we are able to offer (and always have offered) interest-free direct debit payments. Allowing you to spread the cost of your insurance evenly across the year, helping you better manage your finances and reduce the impact of having to pay it ‘all in one go’.

If I have to self-isolate or fall ill, and need someone else to drive my car to pick up supplies for me, will they be insured to drive my car?

A number of our insurers will provide cover for any driver over 30 outside of your household. Other insurers will need to name specific drivers.

The type of cover you have is usually noted on your Certificate of Motor Insurance, however, if you can’t see this, please get in contact and we can confirm.

I have to drive to work now instead of getting public transport. Am I still covered?

Yes, nearly all our policies will cover you for commuting use.

If you are not sure, please get in contact with us. 

I’m stuck abroad with my vehicle, am I covered?

As long as your car continues to be appropriately registered in the UK then most insurers will maintain coverage if you’re stuck abroad.

I won’t be driving my vehicle for the time being, can I pause or cancel my insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle as SORN.

If you are not planning to do this but won’t be driving your vehicle for a while then most insurers will allow you cover your vehicle as “laid up”, which will remove road driving liability cover and will be a reduced premium.

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