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Below are some useful articles and resources for you to use and share within your own business.

If you’re preparing to reopen your workplace:

  • Download our guide for 'Reopening the Workplace' - COVID-19 Health & Safety advice.
  • Download our guide for 'Protecting your staff to protect your business' - Awareness and mitigation of potential civil liability claims.

If you’ve got staff working from home:

  • Download our homeworking checklist – assess the suitability of your employees’ homeworking arrangements against current health and safety standards.
  • Download our tips for setting up your workstation – guidance for your employees on how to make full use of their work equipment and how to get the best from it, so they avoid any potential health problems.

Looking after the Mental Health of your employees

Many businesses have had to quickly adapt the way in which they work, meaning that many employees are working remotely from home, which can be both physically and mentally challenging. Below are just a few resources for you to use and share to help support your people's mental wellbeing:

Watch our short webinar below to find out how you can support the mental wellbeing of your homeworkers:

The future of business 'post COVID-19'

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has, and will continue to, impact the way in which companies operate for many months to come. As a business, you need to be ready to adapt for the long-term so that you're in the best position possible, should we experience further disruption from COVID-19 or other such adverse events in the future.

Take a look at the webinar below, in partnership with Sussex Chamber of Commerce, where we consider the future business risks post COVID-19:

Our latest COVID-19 related articles:

Can we ask our staff to have the COVID-19 vaccine?

With the UK’s vaccination programme now being rolled out and picking up pace, this is a question that more and more employers are starting to ask. So is it legal and if so, should you consider it?

Looking after your car during lockdown

You might be keeping your car roadworthy for essential trips, worried about the impact of not driving your car at all, or interested in saving money whilst it's not in use.

Whatever the reason, we’ve outlined how you can look after your car during lockdown.

Indirect Health & Safety challenges for businesses due to COVID-19

29/04/2020 |

Category: Risk Management

Over recent weeks, there’s already been a lot of information published about how businesses should deal with the direct Health & Safety challenges of COVID-19.

However, it’s not just the direct effects of the virus that you need to plan for. In this article, we explore four of the indirect Health & Safety challenges that businesses might face...

The cyber security risks of homeworking

17/04/2020 |

Categories: Commercial Insurance, Risk Management

COVID-19 is not only having an impact on the way we live and manage our health, but also the way in which we work.

With many people now working remotely, here are some top tips for businesses on how to keep cyber-secure, whilst staff are working from home.

Useful links

  • For guidance proving the presence of COVID-19 in a particular area, based on the High Court’s judgment and declarations, click here to view the FCA's guidance.

  • For checking whether your insurance policy may cover business interruption losses due to COVID-19, click here to use the FCA's policy checker.

  • For the latest public information from the UK Government click here

  • For health advice and guidance from the NHS click here

  • For up-to-date travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) click here

  • For the most recent information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) click here

  • For further information about UK Government support for businesses, click here

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