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Financial support, here to help:

Did you know that most of our insurers are now offering instalment based payment for their policies, and on some home and motor solutions we are able to offer (and always have offered) interest-free direct debit payments. Allowing you to spread the cost of your insurance evenly across the year, helping you better manage your finances and reduce the impact of having to pay it ‘all in one go’.

If you have any specific questions about your insurances, please speak with your usual Sutton Winson team.

Information last updated: 02/04/2020

If your employer has provided you with equipment to work, this will usually be covered by their business insurance so you do not need to add it your policy and there is nothing you need to do.

If you have purchased the equipment you are using for work, then you will usually be covered – for example, equipment such as a computer, telephone or printer is covered as standard.

If the equipment that you have purchased is more specialist in nature and is used for non-clerical activities then please get in touch so we can make sure that you have the right cover in place.

I will be working from home, how does this affect my cover?

Will my home be covered if I have to leave it unoccupied due to staying with relatives because of self-isolating, being stuck abroad or being in hospital?

My friend or carer is coming to stay with me during self-isolation, am I covered?

Yes, we will cover your contents temporarily removed from your home during self-isolation if they’re damaged in a fire or stolen. 

Please contact us so we can explain what we do and don’t cover as for a more comprehensive cover for your personal belongings we might need to adjust the policy for you.  

I am taking personal belongings to another location where I will be living during self-isolation, are they covered?

Am I covered if something happens to my work equipment at home?

Normally, if your home is occupied by anyone other than you or your family, certain restrictions apply. However, we will waive these restrictions if your friend or carer is staying with you as a result of COVID-19.

If they continue to stay with you after self-isolation finishes, you must advise us so we can update your policy. 

Our policies allow a certain length of unoccupancy before restrictions apply. However, we will waive these restrictions if the unoccupancy is unavoidable as a result of COVID-19.

If your main home is going to be unoccupied, here are some tips to help protect it:

  • ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, internal inspections weekly would be ideal;
  • ensure your windows and doors are locked (and keys removed) and set your alarm;
  • switch off and unplug  electrical items;
  • turn off the gas at the mains, unless it’s required for an automatically controlled heating system;
  • turn off the water at the mains and drain the system unless an automatically controlled heating system requiring the water supply is left in operation.

You do not need to tell us if you are carrying out clerical work from home, such as using a laptop or phone.  However, if you receive business visitors to your home, please contact us so we can discuss how this will impact your cover.  

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