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Why using an insurance broker can make all the difference

Navigating the complex world of insurance can be a daunting prospect for someone looking to buy cover, be it for themselves or their business. There’s confusing jargon, various prices and policies to compare, and a potentially intimidating process for actually taking out your insurance policy. How are you supposed to know what the best option is for you, or where to get it?

For answers to questions like these, as well as assistance and advice on anything else within the world of insurance, a broker like Sutton Winson (SW) is the solution you can turn to. Let’s dive a little deeper into what exactly a broker does and how we can help you. 

At your service

Insurance brokers like us exist to find individuals and businesses the right policy to fit their specific requirements. In other words, we’re on your side. An insurance broker will tailor a policy for you that suits your needs rather than the “one size fits all” solutions often offered by an insurer directly. Think of how much time a broker can save you here, too – sifting through small print for hours on end while you compare policies is no-one’s idea of a relaxing night in.

At SW, we use our expert knowledge and experience to simplify the process and save you unwanted hassle. We ask intelligent questions to get to the heart of what you really need, and push possibilities to get you the best possible outcomes. In addition, we’re able to offer assistance with pretty much any type of insurance cover, whether it be personal covers for you and your loved ones or protection for your business, our experts can help.

Support when it’s needed most

The same, too, can be said for the claims process, during which you can expect a broker to be there for you. It’s perhaps here that you’ll be most grateful for a broker to support you, as the claims process can sometimes be challenging, especially where third parties are involved.

Should you need them, our experts can give you advice throughout the process and depending on the type of insurances you have, we’ll liaise with insurers on your behalf to arrange the most appropriate settlement possible and offer risk management advice to mitigate further losses.

A personal touch

If you deal directly with an insurer, many operate from call centres or online platforms, making the client experience somewhat impersonal. This is not the case when dealing with a broker, who offer bespoke policy solutions for their customers, prioritising a personal and human approach.

Here at SW, we genuinely care about our clients, putting them above all else, at all times. When you pick up the phone to talk about your cover or make a claim, it’ll be one of our experts who answers, ready to assist you with diligence and integrity. No call centres here, and certainly no robots

Industry experts

With your tailor-made policy in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re insured according to your specifications. A broker can lend their expert eyes to your policy, reducing the risk of any gaps in your cover and lessening the risk of underinsurance or non-disclosure.

At SW, our experts go the extra mile, providing guidance on risk management and staying up to date with the latest technologies in order to be able to provide you with the most appropriate advice and expertise.

Jargon busters

You can also rely on a broker to simplify the process for you, cutting through the intimidating jargon to ensure you understand everything you need to know, as it’s all too easy to arrange a policy online without fully understanding the terms. We pride ourselves on our plain-speaking advice, which ensures our clients understand everything about their insurances.

Approachable people, ready to share their knowledge

If you’d like us to help you with your insurance needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 0330 008 5555 or at

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