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Proud to be Gold

We’re delighted to announce that following our very first assessment with Investor in Customers (IIC) and based on feedback from our clients and colleagues, we’ve achieved Gold status – something that only 29% of IIC clients get on their first assessment.

Why we worked with IIC

Here at Sutton Winson, we put our clients above all else, at all times. For us, it’s about making sure we always deliver on the promises we make based on what clients really need, not just on what we think they might want.

To help us gain insight into the service we currently deliver and highlight any areas in which we can improve upon, we asked IIC to carry out an independent assessment with both our clients and employees.

What we asked

Over the Summer, we invited clients to complete a survey which asked a number of questions that centred around four key principles:

  1.  Understanding their needs

  2.  Meeting such needs

  3.  Delighting them

  4.  Creating loyalty

Our teams were also asked to complete a similar questionnaire, as a way to gain insight into how embedded client experience is within our culture and how their responses compare with what our clients think.

What our clients and colleagues said

We’re extremely proud to have received an overall score of 8.17 out of 10 for the whole assessment. We also achieved a fantastic Net Promoter Score™ of +42%, based on how likely clients would recommend us.

When asked “What do Sutton Winson do well?”, clients answered with comments such as:

  • “Customer service and communication”
  • “Proactive follow up, advice, options and good guidance”
  • “They speak in a language that I understand”

One of the questions our employees were also asked was “What do you think Sutton Winson has done really well?”. Typical answers here included;

  • “Looks after clients with specific risks, while giving the personal service of a smaller broker”
  • “Share updates to customers about important changes that may impact on their circumstances”
  • “Look after clients best interests - everyone is genuinely dedicated to this”

What we're going to do

Although these results confirm that our clients trust our advice, value our knowledge and find us straightforward to deal with, we recognise that there are still areas where we can improve. Based on the feedback we received, we’re committed to further developing both the levels and methods of how we communicate and interact with our clients, in order to help showcase the full suite of services we offer. It’s incredibly important to us that we listen and act upon the feedback we received, in order to continue delivering a ‘Gold’ level of service to our clients.

Thank you!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and colleagues for the feedback they gave and to IIC for facilitating this independent assessment.

“I’m extremely proud of the contributions that everyone at Sutton Winson makes in delivering fantastic client experience. This award demonstrates that we listen and truly understand our clients and that our independence allows us to continually adapt to their ever-changing needs.”

David Thomson, Managing Director | Sutton Winson

“Sutton Winson have the rare achievement of getting an Investor in Customers Gold Award on their first assessment.  The results clearly show that the company puts its clients at the heart of the business and management lead by example in ensuring that staff are empowered to do the right thing at the right time”.

Tony Barritt, Managing Director | Investor in Customers

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