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Written by Neil Meninick 05/08/2020

On yer' bike!

With all the news of pasta, flour and toilet-paper shortages, it was perhaps surprising that one of the hardest items to get hold of during the Lockdown period was pedal cycles

The initial good weather, Furlough generating a lot more spare-time, virtually deserted roads and the restrictions on outdoor activity all created the perfect environment for people to dust off their old bone-shaker, or invest in a new super-duper, carbon framed, tour-winning machine and hit the roads.

It looks like cycling will be one of the positive lasting legacies of the Lockdown, with governments around the world looking to keep people cycling. Here in the UK the government has just opened its scheme giving people a £50 voucher toward the repair of a bike. News this week is of big increases in both the usage and membership of the London (‘Boris’) bike hire service.

So, whether you have a brand new bike, or something more worthy of a museum, here are a few tips to help keep you safe on (or off) the roads:

Unfortunately, bikes remain one of the hottest items on thieves’ target list so a good quality lock and insurance are a must.  Sold Secure* gold rated locks are generally considered the best for protection.

Check your current home insurance policy to understand exactly what cover you have for your bikes. Look for exclusions or limits that may apply, such as; only covered at home (not away from the home), or low financial limits that won’t cover the full replacement cost. There might also be the option to purchase additional cover specifically for bikes. If in doubt, please speak to our team to discuss your needs.

We also have a stand-alone bike insurance product, which can cover bikes up to £15,000 in value.

To find out more please contact us on 0800 980 2701

Happy Cycling!

*Sold Secure is an independent, non-profit organisation based in the UK. They test and certify locks to make it easier to compare the security levels between different types and brands 

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