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5 reasons to get a financial health check

This year, we’ve all spent more time at home than ever before. You may have gotten around to the odd jobs in the house, taken up yoga, learnt another language or, like most of us, streamed all the TV shows and movies to your heart’s desire.

However you’re spending your time during this period, we recommend making time for a full financial health check.

Being in good financial health simply means that your money is working as hard for you as it could. And, while life happens and things change, you should make sure you are covered for whatever is thrown at us next.

Here’s why it’s time to see the money doctor…

Life changes

Don’t we all know it. But these changes also include milestones like starting a new job, getting married, planning to have (more) children or buying a home. Life’s always changing, and so is your financial situation.

Be properly protected

As your life evolves and changes, so do your needs when it comes to insurance cover. We would always recommend reviewing your insurances every 3 years to make sure you have the cover you need and that you’re on the right policy, with the right insurer, and most importantly, paying the right price.

Take advantage of discounts

Take the time to find out what discounts are available to you. We offer multiple discounts to our clients, both to new and long-standing – because loyalty deserves credit too!

When you insure your home with us, you’ll receive 13 months for the price of 12. More savings and discounts are available if you insure both your home and car with us.

Planning for a successful future

Preserving and protecting your finances now, enables you to enjoy your assets long-term. Planning for retirement can often be complicated, with lots of different options available. However, with our help, we’ll construct a portfolio to maximise your long-term prospects and find a solution that’s right for you.

Peace of mind

Money is a complicated subject and there’s a lot to consider when protecting it and making the most of it. We don’t underestimate the importance of protecting against unforeseen circumstances. Peace of mind is a valuable commodity and we’re here to help you achieve it.

We believe everyone should benefit from financial advice. It can help you protect and make the most of your investments, while securing the long-term future of you and your family.

If you’re due a financial health check, we can help. Whether you think your insurance cover needs reviewed, or you’d a free no-obligation chat about financial planning, contact the team on 0800 980 2701.

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