Sutton Winson

PPMA Member Fortress Technology Europe Limited Benefits From the Sutton Winson Package

Sarah Ketchin of Fortress Technology Europe Limited thinks that PPMA members are missing a trick.

Sarah explains,

"I thought that insurance wasn't particularly important as long as it did the job."

However, following a review with PPMA's approved insurance and risk management provider, Sutton Winson, Sarah realised that with expert help, she could save her company money, arrange more effective insurance cover and reduce admin too!

"We had always trusted our brokers to do what's best so we renewed our policies year after year without too much investigation.

"As Sutton Winson is highly recommended by people I know, I invited them to our premises for a full review. They diligently went through our policy covers explaining how we could improve things and, with straightforward language, he identified the risks we faced.

"All our insurance policies were synchronised and given one common renewal date which cuts out a lot of hassle and admin for us.

"The cost of the policy they arranged was surprising and even though there had been changes within our business, they still saved us money and gave us exactly what we were looking for. If we had stayed with our existing insurance provider, we would still be paying more for less effective cover.

"At the moment, we are a company in transition and to have someone we can truly rely on is invaluable. It doesn't stop there, either. They have also offered assistance with health and safety management and business continuity planning. This takes a huge weight off our shoulders so we can concentrate on building the business.

"Sutton Winson doesn't just talk to you to win your business. They are there throughout the year. If there's anything that crops up, I can chat with them and they also check on us to see how we are doing.

"I am sure other members can benefit and I'd recommend calling Roger for a chat on 01730 236 343. And if other PPMA members want to speak to me, I'd be glad to tell them more!"